Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vacation Linky and a giveaway!

Clutter-free Classrooms is hosting a winter vacation linky party.  What did I do?  Hmmm...not much.  I didn't get out of school until Wednesday afternoon before Christmas, so that didn't leave a lot of time to do much.  I cleaned the house, baked until I could bake no more, and then Christmas was upon me.  Since then, I have put away toys and put away toys that everyone insisted on giving my two little girls (of course my husband and I had nothing to do with this :) )  My hubby works four days on and then four days off, so on his days off we went to movies, out shopping, eating in restaurants (because after all that baking I wasn't cooking!), and just enjoying the company of our family.  So...there you have it!  Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, but it was great, none the less!  Unfortunately, it's back to the real world on Tuesday.

Also, Kristen over at

is having a giveaway because she has reached 1000+ followers!!!  Way to go Kristen!  She is giving away 3 $10 Amazon giftcards, so go over to her blog and see how you can register!  More than the giveaway, she has a super-duper blog with great ideas!

Happy New Year all you fellow bloggers!


  1. Don't worry I didn't get out of school until Thursday and I go back Tuesday! Ugh what a short break. I feel like I have had no time to actually relax because I have been running around trying to get things done!

  2. My big giveaway is still going on! It ends Thursday! Scroll down on my blog and you will find it! :)

  3. Hey Kristy! I have awarded you with the Liebster Award! Come by my blog to check it out and pass it along to others!