Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Pictographs

I love Christmas time for many being that we can do so many fun activities in the classroom. This week we have focused on pictographs. We have listened to Christmas carols, voted on our favorite, and created a pictograph with it. We also tasted Christmas flavored marshmallows and created a graph reflecting our favorite.
Another activity we did was create a gingerbread man glyph. Once the glyphs were complete we created a tally chart to represent what color everyone colored their eyelids, which reflected the students' favorite seasons. We used the information from the tally chart to make an individual pictograph where the symbols counted for 1 person, and then we made a class graph where the symbols represented 2 people. Here is the link for the gingerbread man glyph directions and outline.

At the end of the week, I gave them a stocking filled with four different types of candy. They had to sort it as a group, create a title and labels for their graph, and then create a symbol to represent their graphs. The kids had a blast (because they got to sample the candy of course!), and they seemed to grasp the concepts of how to read and create pictographs.

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