Wednesday, April 18, 2012 are some freebies!

Hey fellow bloggers.  Hope your Wednesday was good...I know mine was because only 2 days left until the weekend :)  I was doing some things on my blog, and I realized that some of the freebies I posted earlier in the year were not there anymore.  Not really sure why, but I am going to repost them for next year.  One is for Halloween, and the other is for Valentine's Day.  Not very useful now, but download and keep them for next year...that is what I do with half the amazing things I find on other people's blogs.  So, click on the picture, and you will find them!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nouns of Fun!

Chicken In The City (nouns)

Earlier this week I introduced the concept of nouns to my students.  To begin the lesson, I read aloud the book Chicken In The City by Liza Charlesworth.  It is a great book to use when you are teaching nouns to your students.  I read the book once just to introduce it to my students.  I then introduced the concept of nouns by discussing with them that nouns are all around us.  They are people, places and things that are in our world around us.  After our discussion, I read the book again, and we stopped after every page or so and created an anchor chart using the nouns seen in the story.  My students LOVED this activity, and our final creation is now hanging in our room for them to refer to for the rest of the year!